What Is Coming Up in 2021?

We have made it! The end of 2020 could not have come sooner for many of us who wished to put the chaos and uncertainty of the year behind us. The curves, hills, and often complete rerouting of 2020 placed stress and a fear of the unknown on many. So what does 2021 hold for us all? While we can’t predict the future, there are a couple of things that we see happening in the coworking industry.

While many of you already have limited access to your spaces for members only in 2020, that avenue may have to continue in 2021 depending on the circumstances of your province/county/state. If you haven’t already, consider adding a lower entry level membership, to serve people at a price point that gives them access to the space and then they can book meeting rooms at a member per hour rate. Retooling your membership offerings, if needed, can bring in new recurring membership fees and get them into the community.

Community is a key aspect that spaces need to continue to drive now more than ever. Humans are by nature social and need connection. As we have seen the affects of lock downs and separation on in our personal lives, keeping businesses in isolation also adds too that affect . We have seen many keep their members connected through virtual gatherings and if possible in person to give a mix of options. Bringing your community to your members, meeting them where they are at in a genuine way, will help drive home the need for the “shared office” community.

Growth in 2021 may be slow going for some, but the opportunity to tap into the market of all of the employees working from home and maybe even schooling their kids, brings a new segment of people who may not have ever thought of going to a shared space before. Speaking of schooling kids, there is a good market opportunity to work with tutors who may want space to have students work with them or  create a pod of students they work with regularly. A large office or even conference room may be a perfect space for this type of need. Sometimes it is about thinking a bit outside of the box on how you can grow, but also in this time, how can you be a support to your surrounding community.

In 2020 we have overcome many odds, and we believe that for 2021 we will continue to shift and adapt to whatever comes our way. It might require a bit of out of the box thinking, but rising to the challenge will set you apart from all the others. We are here to support you in this time and please reach out if you need assistance. Refocus and make this your best year yet!