Connection at Work(space)

Connection at Work(space)

Being connected is something we all desire, whether in our personal lives or at work. Coworking and flexible office spaces have bridged the gap of the entrepreneur working from home to the company looking to scale and have a community surround them – without the long-term lease of commercial real estate.


In the last three years I have seen the growth first hand. As the Community Coordinator for Venture X Naples, I came on board shortly before the co-founders decided to scale the brand as a franchise which fostered exponential growth. At the same time, We Work’s valuation soared, and other brands were moving and expanding into multiple locations. With this growth, there has been an increase in different types of spaces, from the entrepreneurial idea-sharing environment to women-centric and work/play spaces equipped with childcare.


Branding Your Space

Each space runs differently, setting themselves apart by offering something different to their unique community. This diversity is important to the industry. Each space should not try to be like the other, but rather bring space as a service to your community. Most importantly, in my opinion, is the contributions each member can offer to the community.


If you are considering opening a space, set your “why” and the “who” of what your space is about, then shape your brand. Be comfortable in your own “skin”. If you already have a space and are concerned about the market growth, continue to set yourself apart from others and know what works both in your community and for your brand.


As a Community Coordinator, one thing that always gave me confidence in showing Venture X to a potential member was that I knew the space would sell itself once someone came in and tried it out. The members who are to be in your space will come and bring the value of your space even higher.


The future of work is here in coworking and space as a service. I’d love to hear about your spaces – what has been your experience in your coworking space?